Based on common insight & understanding,
grounded in openness, trust and courage,

I create change

I'm a Mother, Daughter, Sister & Friend. I'm also a Leader, Design Thinker & Computer Scientist. I mentor young talent, and see female leadership as a change imperative. In a constantly changing world, I'm both passionate about and committed to the path of learning. That's were insight and understanding needed for change, is found.

I love to play and learn where facts and feelings meet. Where contradictions become apparent. Technology serves humanity and artistic creativity, colors, music, laughter and tears help us process and share what we experience.

I'm always on the journey of learning and learn more when experiences are shared. Our ability to be innovative expands when we travel and share with people different from us - for a while, for long or forever. Currently my journey is all about the power of emotions and how they drive our innovative performance.

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