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Creativity, learning and innovation - go hand in hand.

Come and play with colors and I'll show you what they can do. Did you know? Your canvas can never go wrong! If the result doesn’t serve you, you can always clean it off, cover it with new colors, and start painting again.

The energy of the creative process, I love it.

Creativity and learning are two sides of the same coin. Both bring people, practice and theory together for the purpose of creation and innovation.

Every person I meet teaches me something new or reminds me of what I had forgotten. Every meeting between people brings the opportunity of deep connection and authentic sharing. On top of shared insights and experiences, innovations are created.​

What goes for canvases goes for work and life. You can always try again. Play, experiment and learn by doing. Be a creator! Think big, start small and be playful!

I Play to Create: Welcome
I Play to Create: Selected Work

My gratitude to my mentor, Veslemøy (, for the insight that canvases and life can be treated the same way.

I Play to Create: Text
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