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To bridge the gap between knowing and doing requires courage.
To bridge the gap between doing and knowing requires reflection.

Do you know the expression “the magic happens outside the comfort zone”? I tend to disagree with that statement.

In my life magic happens when I take the experiences in my courageous moments of action, into a practice of reflection and translate them into insight. That insight is the foundation and steppingstone for next actions. That insight helps me climb the ladder of growth.

To consciously go in and out of the comfort zone and be able to climb the ladder of growth feels like magic to me.

Did I always think this clearly about my learning path? Of course not. As many others I learned the hard way, through what I thought of as unconscious choices, painful failures and the feeling of having a life that went nowhere. Those experiences were important and necessary, and they led me to the life I have now and the insights I have.

The practice of reflection compels me to grow. To see my performance from different perspectives and challenge myself to recognise and act upon my feelings, accelerates my growth. When I grow, I thrive. When I thrive, I smile. When I smile life is better. When life is better, I recognize and appreciate my growth.

The journey of learning eventually becomes an upwards vortex.

My Learning Journey: Bio
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