Develop your own way of creating change or bring it to the next level. I mentor young talent and female leaders on their journeys of learning, particularly in the tech and engineering industry. Book a 30-minute session, and discover powerful tools for gaining insight, learn and grow. A world of change will open up, and you can decide for yourself if you would like to learn and grow with me.

Do you need a change in your team or kick off a conversation in your learning community? Let me do a changemaking talk! Choose one of the following topics or I can tailor one for you:

  1. Great IT Engineers talk about feelings – and it’s easy. How you drive performance using the right emotional language. 

  2. The joy of a rollercoaster. How steep learning curves help you stay happy and keep your competence relevant, always.

  3. Learning by failing in an organisation of autonomous teams. What to do when there's no leadership team to tell you what to do.